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Property Description

Across the bold drawbridge you reach the inside of the chalet. The dwelling space of about 500 m² covers all 4 floors, which are combined with each other through a generous staircase at the backside.

The guest/children rooms with bath/WC and terrace/balcony are situated on the entrance level. Underneath you enter the level with the unique sleeping area with huge bath. Next to it you find a spacious home office , through the wide glass front the view goes to higher Vinschgau valley up to Swiss mountains, in the small window Tarsch village appears as a natural "still life".

The level beneath is named the „beletage": the kitchen area is combined optically through a glass case with the dining recess and a generous settee. From there the shining winter garden with its quadratic carpet and the typical homey Tyrolean "Stube" can be reached. At the bottom another highlight: the greenish glimmering swimming pool right in the middle of stone walls, a fascinating "grotto". A hidden terrace with a gigantesque panorama, the sauna and a whirlpool with bar belong to it. All together it can be considered a mountain lake and at the same time a garden of meditation.

The "Gibbeh" carpets all over the house are handmade to measure in three years' work by pastoral nomads from the mountainous steppes of southern Persia.

All rooms of the three upper levels have electric vacuum cleaner facilities.