Villa Amalfi

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  • Max Sleeps14
  • Apartments 1
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Amalfi
  • Bed Linen
  • Breakfast
  • DVD
  • Gym
  • Jacuzzi
  • Maid service
  • Parking area
  • Phone concierge
  • Private beach
  • Private Sauna
  • Swimming pool
  • Towels
  • TV SAT

Bedroom(s) - Double : 7
Private Bathroom(s) : 7


This beautiful and very modern property is situated in Amalfi, roughly .02 miles from the town center. The villa is situated on an immense piece of property and boasts a private walkway from the villa directly down to a small, private beach area. The walkway takes you through different levels of the villa, down to where the Jacuzzi, sauna, and small gym are located.

Completely restored in 2006, the villa is almost 3,000 square feet of home and more than 100,000 square meters of garden. Sea-arrival is also possible.

The villa is situated 129 steps down from the main coastal road to the entrance gate. Entrance through the private, electronically controlled gate, takes you into a part of the garden area leading to the large living room, which serves as the main entrance. Entrance into the living room immediately shows the modern furnishings of the property. Hip décor, white, black, and red interiors with large, sliding glass, super-panoramic windows. The area is very bright, airy, clean and extremely panoramic, with views stretching out over the town of Amalfi and the Mediterranean.

The living room is divided into different sections, although it is all intertwined. The first lounge area boasts a large, 3-cushion couch, several big sofa chairs, a leather day bed, a cowhide day bed, and two leather semi-recliner chairs all brought together by a coffee table. The second area of the living room serves as the TV room, with two, red leather sofas, a large, 72-inch flat screen TV, X-Box, DVD player, stereo, and CD player with a selection of music. The villa enjoys hardwood floors through out and there are two, ½ bathrooms situated off of the living room. The first, double bedroom with en-suite bathroom with shower is also situated down a small corridor, through a door off of the living room.

The villa enjoys lots of décor pieces, vases, modern art, and style pieces. There is a bit of a Moroccan motif in the common areas and large slide-open glass windows with electric curtains.

The living room also enjoys several small, coffee tables, which flow either outside to the large, main terrace or towards the kitchen, bar, and first floor, where another 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms are located. Wireless Internet on first floor, connectable Internet in the bedrooms.

The villa enjoys 7 double bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. The bedrooms are all furnished in relatively the same style and all enjoy air conditioning, DVD, satellite TV, and closet. The bedrooms are all of a modern design and several boast fiber optic lighting from the ceiling and a telephone and all of the en-suite bathrooms have showers (one with large Jacuzzi tub) and hairdryers. Two of the bedrooms serve like dependences, as they are located externally, off of the main terrace and all seven can become twin bedded rooms, upon request.

The small, but industrial kitchen has everything one could want to cook – or have someone cook for you – from the pasta makers to the four-range stove, an oven, deep fryer, grill, microwave, blender, mixer, dishwasher, American coffee machine, small refrigerators, a slicer, and cappuccino and espresso machine. There is also a small, stocked wine cellar with price list.

The villa enjoys an enormous amount of terrace space. The multi-level terraces each offer a different feature, from the sofas and small dining tables, to the sun lounge chairs and Jacuzzi, to the large gazebo lounge, to the gym, the sauna, and finally, the private beach. Lots of different sitting areas and small tables spread throughout. At the bottom of the terrace, 250 steps down, is a private, sunbathing platform with waterfront chairs and a ladder leading into the water. Another 40 steps from the platform take you to a private beach and a boat can be docked either off shore or in the port of Amalfi.