Villa San Giacomo

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  • Max Sleeps26
  • Apartments 0
  • Amalfi Coast
  • Positano
  • Bathroom courtesy sets
  • Bathroom linens changed daily
  • Breakfast
  • Chef Service
  • Children Welcome
  • Computer/Internet
  • Concierge service daytime
  • Concierge service fulltime
  • Garden furniture
  • Gardening service
  • Home Catering
  • Jacuzzi Outdoor
  • Laundry
  • Maid service
  • Patio for alfresco dining
  • Pool cleaning service
  • Private Swimming Pool
  • Staff
  • Swimming pool
  • Tourist information
  • Towels for Pool
  • TV SAT
  • Veranda for alfresco dining
  • Yearly opening
Utilities in the Accommodation

Air Conditioning
Hair dryer
Satellite TV


Villa San Giacomo, an imposing building built in 1741. In the oldest district of Positano, Liparlati, not far from the church of St. James (Giacomo), in the year 700 on Roman ruins were built several villas of great importance to the north of the village with panoramic views of the bay, the Amalfi coast and Capri. Exposed to sunlight, they infer the commission of the rich owners of ships that transported the products in the Mediterranean at the time and wanted to make a show of their claim in society 'with paintings, stucco, tile floors, frescoes, all done by local workers. Many of these magnificent homes because of emigration to the Americas and the consequences due to geopolitical change at the beginning of the 900 were abandoned and later with the explosion of the tourism industry transformed to meet the needs of economic exploitation without taking account of their value town. However, thanks to those with greater knowledge and sensitivity, even today have come to us in a state of preservation copy, a few buildings away from the 700. . Today, Villa San Giacomo offers to lucky customers sleeps 16 with 4 doubles in the first floor and 4 doubles in the second. Villa San Giacomo, offers to customers as much as 300 meters of terraces with a colonnade, made famous in the eighteenth century Neapolitan paintings found in major museums throughout the world, which keep the scenario unchanged over time but lived, and with the background of the famous postcard of Positano. All rooms are equipped with a large bathroom and large terrace with all the comforts that meet the standards of the 5-star luxury. The Villa through the natural succession of the people who were important merchants in contact with the East, antique lord and patrons, and for the last Angelina love with her guardian lord who left the heir of this villa which has always taken care of and protected until his death in a visceral and romantic essendone extremely jealous. now this feeling you can breathe again, as we guarantee that you too will continue to love this magical place, and why not, to find to you, your great love.